Canadians With US Source Income

ITIN Services

Secure Your Identity For Tax Filing

Avail your US Taxpayer identification number without any struggles. Doing it via a registered, IRS Certified Acceptance Agent guarantees both people without Social Security Number & Non-resident alien a secure means to get Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

ITIN expat tax filing services canada
Snowbirds expat accountant services canada


Canadian Snowbirds Under Our Wings

Canadian snowbirds are the ones who spent a significant portion of their life in US are required to pay taxes in both the countries. We take Canadian snowbirds under our wing and provide tax services that deliver the best possible deductions, benefits and returns.

US Tax Filing and Preparation

On Behalf To Ease Your Life

We encompass on delivering US Tax Filing & Preparation over a wide domain. These starts with individual tax filing of employment income, reporting of investment income in the US, tax returns for green card holders. We strategies and advice US tax filing and Preparation according to your unique requirements.

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Corporate & Business expatriate tax consultancy services canada

Corporate & Business Tax Filings- 1120F, K1 etc

Your Business Needs You

Effective documenting and reporting of income, losses, and dividends of the shareholders under Form 1120F & K1. We ensure that the company and the shareholders receive tax benefits and deduction to ensure the smooth running your corporation.

Tax Refunds for Withholdings

Optimizing What You Deserve

Being an expat employee means that a percentage of your income is withheld and paid directly to the government. We can do your tax planning in advance and optimize your withholding. This is intended to help you receive the right refund amount and avoid excessive withholding.

Tax Refunds expat tax return services canada
Sale of Real Estate expat tax services canada

Sale of Real Estate (FIRPTA)

Sell Properties Confidently

For a non-US person selling property in US requires withholding of tax. We’ll help you stick to the tax guidelines to avoid overpaying and avail deductions under various tax provisions.

Business Income

Scale Your Business With Sound Tax Filing

Tax Filing for business income under sole proprietorship, partnership and  corporation. We throughly analyze your net profit and loss to come up with unique tax strategies and employ beneficial provisions to maximize tax benefits. Revenue from all sources are carefully calculated and taxes are filed to obtain benefits on each of them.

Business expat accountant services canada

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